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This information was taken from this page ( from Tower Records. It is a Three Days Grace Artist of the Month Review and Interview with the band.


"Armed with loud guitars and passionately angry lyrics, Three Days Grace have fought their way out of small-town Canada and into the stereos, televisions and brains of rock fans everywhere. Three Days Grace formed in their teens, originally under the name Groundswell, and played anywhere that would have them just so they could have their music heard. Slowly gaining fans on the strength of crushing breakup songs and nonconformist anthems, tiny gigs in basements and movie theatres have given way to arena tours. With their relatable songs and their desire to succeed, Three Days Grace have positioned themselves as heirs to the melodic hard rock crown. If their track record means anything, theyre going to make it there and make it there quickly."

Band Interview

Tower Interviews Three Days Grace:

Tower: Hi, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. Let's start off with the usual questions. How'd then band start and where does the name Three Days Grace come from?

Three Days Grace: The name came from a sense of urgency. If you had a three days grace period to change anything you wanted in your life, could you do it?

Tower: Your self-titled debut album is starting to pick up some hype. What can someone who is unfamiliar with your band expect from the album?

Three Days Grace: It's a heavy, melodic angst ridden record written about all the shit that people have to deal with in life.

Tower: You recently went on your first US National Tour supporting Trapt. How was that? Do you have any good stories to tell?

Three Days Grace: While we were on the Trapt tour, we became great friends with Smile Empty Soul. They are one of the best fuckin' bands out there right now. Playing shows with them was definitely a highlight of that tour.

Tower: What are the best and the worst things about touring?

Three Days Grace: The best thing is playing in a new city every night, and meeting new fans everyday. The worst thing is the hangovers.

Best thing is getting to meet fans and hear from them what our music means to them on their own level.

Worst thing is all the public bathrooms.

Tower: You're originally from a small town, do you think that plays a large part in your songwriting process?

Three Days Grace: Yes. You get a different perspective on life when you live in a small town. You tend to be closer to people, and experience other people's lives for yourself.

Tower: Even though you just released your debut album, you've been a band for about 10 years. How has the band evolved over the years?

Three Days Grace: Naturally, our songwriting has matured and evolved. I think we're focused now on writing good songs rather than just cool riffs.

Tower: How did you end up signed to Jive Records (home to Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake)?

Three Days Grace: The people at Jive are great to work with. We could see this from the beginning, and it was important to have a solid group of people working with us. Above everything, they really loved our music, and that was important to us.

Tower: Fill in the blank. If you like ________, try Three Days Grace.

Three Days Grace: Real bands.

Tower: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Three Days Grace: We'd put together a kick ass all star band with John Bonham, Jeff Buckley, Flea, and Wes Borland.

Tower: Since we've just started the new year, could you share your new year's resolutions? Have you stuck to them?

Three Days Grace: Not to make New Years resolutions. I don't need an official day to change something in my life.

Tower: Thanks for talking to us, we've got one last question. If you're stuck on a desert island and only get to bring 10 CDs with you, what are those 10 CDs?

Three Days Grace:

Tool : Aenima
Tool : Undertow
Led Zeppelin : IV
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Guns N Roses : Appetite for Destruction
Nirvana : Nevermind
Jeff Buckley : Grace
At the Drive In : Relationship of Command
Deftones : Around The Fur

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