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Team Digital: You've been on the road non-stop for the past while with bands like Billy Talent, Trapt and Nickelback. Including yourselves, which band parties the hardest backstage?

Neil: Nickelback - because they can. They have the biggest rider. In fact, I think they get 900 beers on their rider.

Team Digital: So, you must have at least one crazy backstage partying story

Neil: Yeah, but actually [our craziest] wasn't with Nickelback. We were hanging out with Pantera one night. Apparently they can drink quite a bit. Im a big fan and decided I would try to keep up with them for a little whileit didnt work out so well. Later that day we decided to do some bus wrestling and [3DGs guitarist] Barry ended up with 17 stitches in his head! Nobodys really messed with me since. Im the champ. I get way more respect now [wink, wink].

Team Digital: So when youre not wrestling, are you in the little recording studio at the back of the bus?

Neil: [The studio is] pretty much just for demo stuff and playing around. Were spending a lot of time trying to get stuff together for the next record. While were on the road were trying to make good use of our time and put the Playstations aside for a couple of hours.

Team Digital: Do you still write your songs on acoustic guitars?

Neil: Yes. We have a theory that if its a good song, it will sound good on acoustic no matter how heavy it ends up. We just sit around with acoustics and a hand drum and some beers and go for it.

Team Digital: Can you give us a hint of what might be coming up?

Neil: Not sure really. We just kind of let our music naturally evolve. We dont over-think it. It will be reflective of where were at but its really just an organic thing that naturally happens. Our writing has grown and matured.

Team Digital: A lot of the songs on your debut album seem to center around feelings of frustration and anger now that youve achieved relative success, will this change?

Neil: I dont think so. The one thing we have with our writing is that we treat it as a release and as an outlet. Generally you only need an outlet when youre feeling negative emotions. I dont think that really changes just because you might have some success with your career. Everyone still feels negative emotions and music is a great way to vent it. We write a lot about how growing up in a small town gives you a different perspective on society. I think were still observant of the world and I dont think that will change too much.

Team Digital: Actually, I read everywhere about how you guys are from a small town does it ever annoy you that people always bring that up?

Neil: No, not at all. We definitely realize that we have a different experience than other people who may have grown up in a bigger city. What the public [in a small town] does and doesnt know isnt as controlled as in a big city. Word travels through the grapevine and you get a more clear and concise view of how people live their lives.

Team Digital: Has there ever been a song title or band name you thought about using, then realized it was the worst name/title ever?

Neil: I think when we were younger the band name 'Flying Buttress' floated around. Also, I think at one point we were going to call ourselves The Critical or something like that. We axed both of those.

Team Digital: That was probably a good idea. Speaking of names, give us three words to describe these other '3' bands:

Neil: 311- Surfer, band, rocking.
3 Doors Down - Four, nice, dudes.
3rd Eye Blind - What, have, they, done, lately? Wait how many words was that?

Team Digital: We stopped counting. Finally, if you found yourself onstage with Justin Timberlake, which pierced body part would you show onstage?

Neil: I dont think I'll ever find myself onstage with Justin and if so, I doubt I'd expose any body parts.

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