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Three Days Grace used to be called Groundswell. They changed their name to Three Days Grace in 1997 after the band went from 5 people to 3 people.

The band Groundswell was started in 1992.

Wave Of Popular Feeling was released by Groundswell in the early months of 1995.

Three Days Grace recorded 5 songs in Toronto around 2000. The 5 songs were cut down to 3 and released as a demo. This demo was simply called Three Days Grace. Only 150 copies were made. Check it out in the discography.

Adam, Brad, and Neil were friends during high school. They decided to take music seriously around 1997-1998.

Neil plays the drums on a CD called Shutterbug by Oddball which was released in 1996.

Three Days Grace were signed to Jive Records in fall 2002.

Barry joined Three Days Grace after I Hate Everything About You came out. He joined to take some pressure off Adam onstage.

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