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This bio was taken from the official TDG website.

Influences - Jeff Buckley, Sunny Day Real Estate, Ben Harper, my mother.

Paul Reed Smith guitars
GMP guitars
Hughes & Kettener Amps
Jim Dunlop Picks
S.I.T. Strings

Adam talking about common misconceptions:
"People think that because of our lyrics, I'm a "dark" person. But I mostly write songs when I'm pissed off. So that's what people see."

Adam on the live vibe:
"It's the most incredible feeling when you've got a room full of a thousand people singing back your lyrics. When people relate to your feelings and your music in their own way, it's... unreal."

On touring:
"My goal in life has always been to tour the world playing music. From the age of 12, that's what I wanted to do more than anything else. Now I'm doing it, and it's awesome. I'm one lucky motherfucker!!

Song Lyrics:
Just Like You - "Just Like You was written about the way that people get forced into doing something you don't want to. Working in the family business, taking certain courses in school that they hate because their parent said so. It's about feeling like you're trapped, until finally, you stand up for yourself, and live your life for you, and no one else."

Home; It's straight forward. If you've been there before, you know what the song's about, and it sucks."

I Hate Everything About You - "When you've wasted so much of your life on bullshit, whether it's a relationship or drugs, or whatever, and it's time to get rid of it, at the same time, you almost feel like you need it, or don't want it to lose it. That's what "I Hate Everything About You" is about. Being torn between love and hate."

-Things that piss me off:
-Narrow minded people that only see the outside of a person and not the inside. People who judge others piss me off.
-Really slow drivers, country music, and all the singers out there trying to sound like Eddie Vedder. They're not original, and I consider them a waste time.

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