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This bio was taken from the official Three Days Grace website.

Influences: Deftones, Nirvana, The Doors, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead

Ernie Ball Musicman (Guitars)
Lakland (Guitars)
Peavey Amps
Peavey Cabinets
S.I.T. Strings

Brad talking about being from a small town:
"Being from a small town gives you a different perspective on society. In a small town, you see the causes and effects that shape the lives of the people around you. You know why people are unhappy and fucked up because you see them every day of your life. In a big city, you don't get that up close and personal to the people around you"

"I starting playing guitar when I first met Adam. He asked me two questions..." you smoke?.,and second... do you play guitar?" After a yes to both, that was it, the start of the ride."

Brad talking about Drown
"Drown to me really represents a time in my life. At one point I felt very depressed and alone growing up in Norwood. There was no opportunity for a young man to expand and grow. All the people around me just seemed to be stuck. Drown reminds of the day I left and the reasons why I left. (""rolling faster than I'm breathing""....""all my favourite friends vanished in the air"".........""change my direction and save myself before I Drown"".

What pisses me off:
"people who waste time worrying about the little things in life. "
"not being informed."

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