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This bio was taken from the Three Days Grace Official website.

Influences - John Bohham (Zeppelin), Stuart Copeland (The Police), Danny Carey (Tool),

GMS drums
Vater sticks
Zildjian cymbals
Tama Iron Cobra pedals
Monolith racks

Neil on the live experience:
"We treat our live show as a separate entity than the record. We want each show to be different from the last and we want to be able to go off on musical tangents. Being spontaneous on stage always keeps it fresh for us"
"We started in a town of 1500 people, playing on hay wagons at pit parties in the back fields." and touring in a cream-coloured K-Car. We used to jam in Brad's basement with homemade equipment, I remember using wooden spoons to play drums when we ran out of proper drumsticks."

Things that piss me off
"I hate bands that think they are too cool to meet and talk to their fans. If a band doesn't have time for the fans, then the fans wont have time for the band."
"Whenever I have to buy something at a 7/11 through bullet proof glass, I get really disappointed in this country."

Neil talking about Over Rated:
"The lyrics in this song talk about our generation that is tired of conforming to an outdated set of values, rules, and morals, that have been set up by people of an older generation, who are completely out of touch with the way we choose to live our lives today. Favourite line: "Washed up and hated, the system moves too slow. They give us answers to questions they don't even know.""


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