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Since the release of their self-titled debut longplayer in mid-2003, Canadas Three Days Grace have barely found time to catch breath. Lumped with the Next Big Thing tag after the success of their single (I Hate) Everything About You, the four-piece have been crossing borders and oceans to deliver their live show to fans. Soon theyll add the equator to that list when they tour Australia in support of fellow Canadian rockers Nickelback.

Weve just done two shows in the UK and its great when we get across the ocean to see people familiar with the record. I think its a really surreal feeling, drummer Neil Sanderson says. Thats why were so excited to get over to Australia.

I think its going to be one of those moments where well get there and look around in awe, he continues. Moments like those are few and far between where you can look around and remember that it was music that got you there and thats a really gratifying thing.

Currently rounding out their first headlining tour of the US, Sanderson crackles down the line sounding anything but weary, and every bit the music fan himself, as he name checks his favourite groups Tool and Sunny Day Real Estate throughout conversation.

Remaining ardent in the discussion, he makes a point of articulating what it means to be where the band is now, where they are headed, and just who or what it was that helped to get them there.

Were all basically rock music fans who happen to play instruments now, he says forthrightly. When we were younger, if a band didnt have time for us then we never had time for the band. Now that were on the other side of the fence we really keep the connections strong.

In addition to the obvious respect for fans, Sanderson cant speak highly enough of the relationship forged between the band and producer Gavin Brown, citing a mixture of friendship, communication and mutual respect for the man with whom they have grown from relative unknowns into chart-beaters. However, it was the choice to embrace music that he holds as most important to the band.

Being from a small town, we got to a certain age where we felt like music for us was a form of escape a way of expressing yourself, Sanderson states earnestly. I think a common misconception that people make is that we are evil or really negative people. We treat music as an emotional outlet and you generally only need an outlet when you have negative emotions.

Instead of becoming violent, instead of becoming a drug addict, you can express yourself through music. And theres also the opportunity to follow through with it in the hope that you can someday get on the road and call it a career which weve been lucky enough to do.


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